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Arduino Software

1. Download the FREE Arduino IDE from the main Arduino website

2. Choose the appropriate OS (ie: Mac, Windows, Linux)

3. Install the application on your computer.

4. Download the Arduino master sketch. If you edited your sketch we can email you the files. Please email us.

[box type=”download”]Download sketch to control hackQ bot[/box]

5. Make sure the power is disconnected from your Arduino and then connect your Arduino via micro USB cable.

6. Open Arduino software.

7. Open the Sketch (program/code).

8. Upload the Sketch.

The wheels and RGB LED will respond as per code. If it does not, check all the jumpers. Use Serial.println to troubleshoot.

Editing Your Code

Edit RGB Colors
If you used 1 set of LEDs program the left RGB LEDs

If you used 2 sets of LEDs program the left and right RGB LEDs

the switch > case command allows you to program other keys of your remote.
1. Attach arduino to computer so you can test code from your remote using the Serial Monitor.
2. Right down the code and then edit the list of Remote codes in the section below.

3. Add another case section in your main loop. Don’t forget to add the “break;” at the end.

4. Do Save As… to preserve original arduino sketch.
5. Upload sketch to arduino and then test the new button control.

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