Robotics for HomeSchoolers

roboQ is excited to welcome the Homeschool Community.

We understand that the choice to homeschool your child comes with a lot of thought, research and passion. roboQ also understands the efforts that homeschooling parents put forth to provide a well rounded education for their children. We welcome and encourage the involvement of parents in our teaching process. Based on these principles we have created a specific class environment for your homeschooler.

roboQ offers several options to fit the needs of each individual homeschooling scenario. We have 3 options for you to choose from:

One-on-one Classes: We bring our mobile lab to your home for a 1.5 hour class session

Two to Three Children Group Classes: We bring our mobile lab to your home for 1.5 hour class session. A minimum of 2 students must sign up for 1 class.

Three to Eight Children Lab Classes: Classes will be held at mobile in your neighborhood.

What makes our robotics program special and stand out from the rest is our small class sizes. This allows us to give each student individualized attention. roboQ does not use legos as a part of the students building process. Our tinkerers and teachers have invested time in testing materials and have developed a course that encourage students to explore without limits. They also learn from troubleshooting and develop confidence in the process. This path allows a more productive and fun education.

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