Why roboQ?

We create a STEAM learning environment where kids explore projects exciting the sensors as well as their imagination. We believe that true learning takes place when a student is encouraged to experiment, explore and make mistakes. This path allows a more productive and fun education.

Who should attend? 

All girls and boys in grades K-12 are welcome to join us! [no experience necessary] 

Who teaches? 

Our Teachers are dedicated, passionate, tinkerers who enjoy gadgets, exploring technology, robotics/coding and educating children. By they way they also love to take-a-part and break things! 


We come to your School. If you would like to have roboQ apart of your school learning environment please email us. Our afterschool program for 2019-2020 is now being scheduled. Programs start as early as September and run all school year.


We design the after-school schedule based on the needs of the school. Typically our mobile lab will come out for a ninety minute session once a week. Ten week sessions are offered to parents for enrollment.

Join the schools that have partnered with roboQ.org

Odyssey Charter School

South Pasadena Elementary

Easy as 1-2-3

We create an online registration system for your school for free or provide you with registration forms. Our turnkey product is all inclusive with equipment including laptops to make it easy for your school to add Robotics and Coding to your curriculum.

Want a FREE Demo?

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