Beginners/Intermediate Robotics

Learn to use an Arduino to control spinQ, a robot that you learn to program.

Program an Arduino Uno and a Nano along with a motor-controller as well as sensors, potentiometers. Learn about digital and analog ports.

RGB LEDs (extended study for Intermediate students)
Motors, Electromagnetism
Switches. (spdt switches for Intermediate students)
Build a motor.
Soldering techniques. (Intermediate)
Sensors and Potentiometers to control audio and RGB LEDs
Arduino IDE and C Language (no experience necessary)
Program your robot.

Class Price: $175
Lab Fee: $35

Recommended Ages: 7+

[button link=”” size=”large” style=”tick” color=”#ff000d”]Intermediate : FULL  – June 12 to June 16[/button]

[button link=”http://roboq.org/product/spinq-robotics-intermediate17/” size=”large” style=”tick” color=”#bad532″]Intermediate/Beginners : Register – June 12 to June 16[/button]


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