Minecraft & Scratch

Beginners/Intermediate Programming and Design

Minecraft is not just a video game. It is a learning tool to create, explore and solve problems in an interactive, collaborative environment. Learn to code Minecraft with Python. Build adventure maps and resource packs and level design.

Scratch teaches you coding using blocks that students drag and drop. We take scratch to the next level by using it to program your Arduino. Learn to control Scratch application with external components.

Class Price: $180
Lab Fee: $25

Recommended Ages: 6+

[button link=”http://roboq.org/product/minecraft-and-scratch-b17/” size=”large” style=”tick” color=”#bad532″]Register – July 10th to 14th[/button]


[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]New class added at A PLACE TO CREATE – Atwater Village[/box]

Class Price: $250
Lab Fee: $35

Recommended Ages: 6+

[button link=”http://roboq.org/product/minecraft-and-scratch-create/” size=”large” style=”tick” color=”#bad532″]Register – Atwater Village Aug. 7-11th[/button]

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